We Aim To Set Up A Community In Every Sense Of The Word...

In The UK

We will work with local communities to locate currently unusable areas and transform them into places where food can be grown.  Our products will enable a variety of community growing projects to be developed that will encourage better health, positive lifestyle changes whilst striving to educate and inspire a change in approach to the use of our water resources, community by community.

Extra fruit and vegetables gathered from these projects can be sold via the wider local community, encouraging low food mile consumption, or donated to social supermarkets and food banks. We will involve people, community by community to contribute to sustainable growing, selling, and donating of produce on a local level.

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We have over 10 years of knowledge and expertise based on research and projects in India, Australia, and the UK. These research and demo farms created an extensive local impact by allowing villages to produce nutritious food, earn a living and become sustainable.


We are passionate about our message and are working with colleges and schools to educate and inspire future generations. Innovation starts with one idea, often one individual and the students of today are pivotal in finding future solutions to climate change and its effects on all humanity.