Can One Individual Really Change the World?

We believe they can - Welcome to a revolution where you can genuinely make a difference.

We are a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, promoting innovation in reducing water usage and increasing food production. We aim to bring targeted solutions to localised problems, community by community.

We can change real lives in a real way by helping families to feed and provide for themselves, without relying on charity, both in the UK and worldwide.

Why is this Growing System so UNIQUE?

More water efficient than comparable methods.

Plants can be grown using seawater, brackish or grey water.

Agricultural crops can be produced using a significantly reduced volume of water.

Food can be grown on playgrounds, rooftops or even balconies.

The system design can be adapted to work with any depth of substrate, thereby providing bespoke solutions for localised issues.

The growing system is sustainable, re-usable and can be recycled at end of use.

Why is this Growing System SO Important?

Vulnerable and impoverished communities are among the first to suffer. Cultivate 4 Change was created to help solve freshwater shortage by providing a means to grow nutritious food in seawater, thereby creating a means of self-sustainability for those on the front line of our changing world.

In the UK and most of the developed world this basic lack of water does not affect our everyday lives yet, but it will. Our driving motivation is to find affordable, practical solutions that everyone can utilise.